If you tired of navigating through multiple folders to a specific folder, which contains a few frequently used files, this program could be a help for you.

The program lists files in a folder on a menu. What files are included in the list, can be defined precisely in the settings dialog. You can specifiy file schemes using wildcards (* and ?). Certain files or subfolders can be excluded (again by use of wildcards). Multiple entries are separated by commas.

The program creates automatically a shortcut on the desktop, which can be used for fast access. It is even faster when a key combination is defined in the shortcut properties dialog. Alternatively starting by hotkey works fine when using an AutoHotkey or AutoIt Skirpt.

The key features:
  • Filtering with one or more file schemes (for example, * .doc?)
  • Excluding files and folders (also with wildcards)
  • Automatic creation of desktop shortcuts with icon selection
  • Settings dialog is shown when shift key is pressed on startup
  • Also you can reach settings by right-click on the title bar
  • Command line parameters -center or -c causes display screen center
  • The context menu includes all the features of the Explorer
  • The program can be used in many folders/instances
  • Installation: Copy exe- and config-file into the working folder

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